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We Specialize in Brand Development,

Graphic Design, Visual Content Creation, 3D modeling, Brand Identity, Printed and Digital Materials. 

Our mission is always to be THAT ONE! Your chosen direction into the market.

We dig deep for that unique, creative, unexpected and expertly crafted designs and visual solution that takes our client’s brand to the next level. We spread ageless quality and joy.

So again which one you want? Oh yea THAT ONE.

Miroslav Novotny

Creative Director & 3D Designer

A talented designer, specialized in the 3D designs and video editing.

Has a great vision for our projects.

and always tries to find our best and pointed out.

Kat Sotnikova

Lead Designer

Bur best and the most creative team member, always with new ideas which are out of the box and genius.

Will help you design you dream project.

Maria Sempekova

Copywriter & Video editor

You have an idea but you don't know how to implemented or how to speak it out loud?

you come to Maria and she will take care of it and manage and video or promo ideas you have.


Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Print, Digital & Web, Art Direction, 3D Modeling and Social Media Managing 

Sarka Samcova

Social Media Manager

You want to build the right audience for you social media accounts but you don't know how?

Sarka is our best member with that.

she will create a visual design for your feeds with the strategy how to post and when to post your projects.

The Main Logo-01.png

Mandan Issa

Editorial & Web Designer 

You can't have a successful project or design without printed material to promote or website to gain more visitor and create trafic for your bolg.

Mandan is your buddy, she will create the best website that fits to your project.

Selected Clients

- Blanco

- Cider & Milk

- White & Yellow Cafe

- D Magazine

- Base

- Kitu

- Hansen Fashion

- Marcus Berg

- Adonis Oil

- Better Bakehouse

- Vito Coffee

- Arte Artifacts

- Seasalt

- Tune Speaker

- Alpha Source

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